Pricing FAQs

Q.How do I pay?
You could pay by credit card and the payment will be handled by Stripe (our trusted payment gateway).
Q.How do I cancel paid subscription?
  1. Login your Sudota account on our website.
  2. Go to your account profile.
  3. Under the "Settings" tab, press the "Cancel" button at "Plan" row.
  4. A pop up window will show up, confirm the subscription cancellation by pressing the "Cancel Subscription" button and your paid subscription will be canceled immediately. Note that you will still have access to paid features till the original next billing date.
Q.When will I be charged in upcomming months?
You will be charged on the same day you subscribed our paid plan in upcomming months untill you cancel your subscription.
Q.I only want to subscribe for a single month.
If you want to subscribe for single month only, you could:
  1. Subscibe to the paid plan you want.
  2. Cancel your paid subscription immediately or anytime before your next payment date (the same day you subscribed our paid plan in next month), you will still have access to paid features till the original next billing date no matter when you cancel your subscription. Please check out above "How do I cancel paid subscription?" FAQ for details of subscription cancellation.
Q.When and how will I receive invoice for each payment?
We will send you the invoice via email after every sucessful payment.
Q.Could I change my billing information or provide my own (your company) VAT number in the invoice?
Yes, you could change your billing information or add the VAT number of your company in the invoice. Please kindly contact us via [email protected].
Q.My credit card was rejected during the payment process.
Please kindly contact us for assistance via [email protected].
Q.How secured is the payment process?
To ensure a secured payment process, please make sure you are connected to a trusted internet network (non-public and password protected wifi network) when you proceed with the payment.
Your payment information will be stored and handled by Stripe, our trusted payment gateway. Sudota (Otter Dev. Limited) does not have full access to your credit card information (e.g. no CVC or full card number access).
Here are some usefull links regarding Stripe measures and policies regarding security, privacy and data retention.
Q.Other questions.
Please kindly contact us via [email protected].